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About Allurez

our Story

quality jewelry made in the USA
From Us With Direct To You

In 2010, Allurez was founded by Raphi to make the jewelry shopping experience special once again. Upon researching the industry, he discovered that most jewelry sold in stores was made overseas with inferior quality to jewelry made in the USA, and was sold at extremely high prices.

What Raphi did next was launch Allurez for the jewelry customer to go directly to the source, and hired the best designers and jeweler's in the industry. By doing this, Allurez revolutionized the jewelry shopping experience with exceptional quality at affordable prices. Customized for you and filled with true and sentimental value.

Since then Allurez has grown to a household name and is now one of the fastest growing jewelry brands in the US. Allurez is featured in the press at Brides, the Knot, Cosmopolitan and many more.


How Did We Get Our Name?

The company name was derived from the word Allure.

The Z was added to be a metaphor for the beginning of the alphabet to the end, jewelry is meant to be eternal and last a lifetime. It symbolized the love from the start and is to remind you each and every day.

From Us Direct to You

At Allurez we have revolutionized how jewelry is purchased. No more crazy high markups, no more inferior quality jewelry, and no more dealing with high pressure commission sales people.

Beautiful jewelry, expert craftsmanship, happy you! It’s that simple!
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We cut out the middleman and bring you beautiful jewelry at amazing prices. You can even design your own jewelry and allow us to make you anything your heart desires.


Quality and Service

At Allurez we pride ourselves in providing superior jewelry, great value, and exceptional customer service.

We have the best jeweler's in the industry crafting your jewelry in our factory in New York, USA.

Our award winning customer service team goes to great lengths to offer fantastic shopping experience and take personal care of each and every one of our customers.

Products Made in the USA!

Expertly Crafted in the USA

Our jewelry is proudly crafted with love in New York, USA with superior materials and craftsmanship! At the same time we are bringing jobs back to the USA

Products Made in the USA!

Giving Back

We know the importance of giving back. Allurez believes that a successful company has a responsibility to benefit the larger community. We focus on donations to benefit local organizations and children's charities.

Your Lifetime Commitment is our commitment - 5% Of Profits Go To Charity

Fun Facts


Diamonds are the most popular stone purchased. Blue sapphires are the next popular stone purchased.

white gold

The most popular metal In USA is 14K white gold and in Europe 18K white gold.


We have shipped to 125 different countries. The three most popular countries are the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom in that order.


In the United States of America, jewelry is spelled jewelry, but in British English it is spelled jewellery in the U.K. and Australia.


Allurez has employees from 10 different countries.

mugs of coffee

The average employee drinks 2.5 mugs of coffee, 4 glasses of water and sushi day is Wednesday.