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Necklaces & Pendants

Necklaces & Pendants

We offer a large selection of beautiful necklaces and pendants, from stylish black diamond pendants, to sapphire heart pendants, to luxurious necklaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you buy necklaces?

Whether you’re looking to buy a simple necklace for everyday wear, an eye-catching piece for a special event or a gift for someone you love, it’s important to purchase jewelry from a store you can trust. Allurez uses the best jewelers and designers in the industry to source and create beautiful, high-quality necklaces at affordable prices. Choose from expertly designed pieces or work with a designer to create your own necklace from scratch. With excellent customer service and even free shipping at your disposal, you can have full confidence that you’ll love your purchase.

Where can you buy name necklaces?

Name necklaces, like the “Carrie” necklace made popular by Sarah Jessica Parker, are as fashionable as they are sentimental. Buy a name necklace from Allurez and you have your choice of high-quality designs ranging from streamlined and sophisticated to fully blinged out with the gemstones of your choice. Our personalized pendants are a wonderful gift idea and come with the same quality craftsmanship and carefully sourced materials as all of our highly sought-after pieces.

Where can you get custom necklaces made?

If you’re looking to get a custom necklace made, consider the Design Your Own jewelry program at Allurez. Depending on your vision, you can make tweaks to an existing design or start from scratch, choosing each element of your monogram necklace or gemstone pendant to create a truly one-of-a-kind result. You can also have a stone you already own put into a new setting to turn an heirloom into something new. Custom necklaces make wonderful birthday, holiday and anniversary gifts, or you can wrap one up for a surprise just because.

What is a pendant?

A pendant is a decorative piece of jewelry that hangs on a chain. Pendants are usually found on necklaces, but they can also be used to embellish a bracelet or anklet. Unlike charms, which are often worn in groups, pendants are typically worn one per chain.

What is the difference between a necklace and a pendant?

Necklaces are pieces of jewelry worn around the neck. Pendants are small pieces of jewelry that often attach to a necklace but can also be found on other chain-based jewelry, such as an anklet or bracelet. Necklaces may be as simple as a plain metal chain or feature ornate decorations such as inlaid stones or engraved links. Pendants may be plain metal, such as a religious disc or monogram, or they may be extraordinarily glitzy with large solitaire stones or Art Deco-inspired geometric patterns and milgrain edging.

How should you store necklaces?

Building a necklace collection is so much fun, but to protect your investment, you’ll need to pay special attention to how you store each piece. Necklaces should be hung individually to avoid tangled chains. You can use a dedicated jewelry organizer or hang your necklaces off a wall peg or even a closet shelf. Necklaces that aren’t stored in an enclosed space should be regularly wiped free of dust and debris. If you’re moving to a new house or traveling with your jewelry, pack necklaces separately and wrap delicate elements like gemstone pendants in tissue paper to prevent scratches and scrapes.

How should you clean a necklace?

It’s normal for jewelry to get dirty. Exposure to the elements as well as contact with your skin, soap, lotion, perfume and makeup can lead to buildup that causes even the prettiest necklaces to look dull and dusty. To clean your jewelry safely, you can use one of four Allurez-approved methods: cold water soak, detergent bath, the quick-dip method or an ultrasonic cleaner. Check that any commercial jewelry cleaners are compatible with the type of metal and gemstones you’ll be cleaning and stick to soft-bristled brushes and lint-free cloths for scrubbing, wiping and drying.