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Diamond Necklaces & Pendants

Embrace the sophistication and poise in each of our beautiful diamond necklaces & pendants in this section.

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Diamond Necklaces and Diamond Pendants Each and every sensational diamond necklace we have in stock will be sure to please your special lady. It’s a wonderful gift for an anniversary, a new mommy, or a special birthday. There is no such thing as too many diamond necklaces, so don’t fret if she already has a few in her jewelry box—she’ll happily add more. Remember, each piece of jewelry tells a story and a memory. She might have a few different styles of diamond necklaces, but if she doesn’t have one from you, none tells your story. Whether you’re looking for bezel-set diamonds on a long chain, a charming heart key pendant or a simple snowflake, we can find the perfect fit. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, we’d be more than happy to help you figure out what style is best for you (if you’re shopping for someone else, it’s a great idea to take a peek at their current jewelry before coming in. Bonus points if you can snap a couple of pictures!) It’s hard not to smile when opening a box to a brand new necklace. A diamond necklace is a perfect gift for the girl without pierced ears or the lady whose finger size you don’t know, and we have over 1,300 necklaces for you to choose from. Looking for a gift for yourself? Allurez is here to help you in the buying process. There is a necklace here for everyone to enjoy—especially you. We at Allurez only purchase conflict-free diamonds. Over half of the world’s diamonds are mined from areas of conflict. Conflict diamonds, also known as blood diamonds, are exported from many war and terror-ridden areas of our beautiful world, and the consumer is often completely unaware. It is our promise to never purchase a diamond from these areas and to provide only conflict-free diamonds. This means you only get quality diamonds made here in the USA from reputable dealers free from corruption and strife. Purchasing a conflict-free diamond necklace means that you or your loved one can feel beautiful while knowing that your pleasure isn’t contributing to someone else’s pain.