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Diamond Ankle Bracelets

Diamond anklets and beautiful ankle jewelry make any outfit complete. Available in a number of different metals, these ankle bracelets are unique and alluring with diamonds and gemstones in a stunning row for outstanding dazzle and shine.

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Ankle Bracelets carries a large selection of diamonds by the yard bracelets and anklets as well as gemstone bracelets in a variety of metals and carat weights. These anklets and bracelets are stunning, unique, and alluring. Designed to please, each delicate anklet will add a finishing touch to any look and is perfect for any season. Adorning your ankles with stunning gold and diamond jewelry or those with colored gems and multi-stone varieties will have you walking with a new spring in your step. Head to toe, our selection of designer inspired fine jewelry will add pizazz and personal style to anything you wear. Our superior customer service, combined with are high quality jewelry designs, and our unbeatable prices, makes our customers come back time after time. If there is an item that you are interested in but can’t find on our website, simply contact us. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do ankle bracelets mean?

Ankle bracelets are a fun and often unexpected accessory that can add flair to your favorite outfit. But in some cultures, anklets are so much more than a pretty little trinket. In Ancient Egypt and Sumeria, anklets were an indication of social status, with those lower in rank wearing simple leather anklets while wives of the richest and most powerful men had anklets made of precious metal and studded with gemstones. In other cultures, anklets may be adorned with charms indicating accomplishments or symbolizing marriage. Whether you wear your anklet as a symbolism of your life or just for good luck, you’ll love having an accessory that’s a bit outside the box.

Where can you buy anklets?

Allurez offers an impressive selection of anklets in a wide variety of styles. From a sleek 14k white gold anklet decorated with bezel-set diamonds to dainty chains holding larger ornaments like a sunflower or snowflake, there are many options to suit your personal style. Our online-only model helps us cut out the middleman, resulting in less overhead and better prices, so you can get beautiful jewelry without busting your budget. Friendly customer service ensures you have help when you need it and our 30-day return policy means you can buy with confidence and then make the final evaluation of your purchase in person.

How should you wear anklets?

Anklets are typically worn over bare skin, meaning without pants, leggings, stockings or socks underneath. It’s okay to wear whatever you want on top. Some people wear their anklet every day and don’t mind if it’s occasionally hidden under a pair of jeans or suit pants. Others love to show off their ankle jewelry, pairing it with shorts, knee-length dresses or just a bathing suit or bikini. Wear your anklet however it feels best and you can’t go wrong.

How long is an ankle bracelet?

The average ankle bracelet is about nine inches in length. That ensures the jewelry fits most people comfortably, allowing for a little bit of drape but not so much that you risk snagging the chain as you go about your day. Some styles are available in longer lengths, and you can have the chain trimmed to fit a more petite ankle.

Who wears anklets?

Anyone can wear an anklet! Ankle bracelets are suitable for men, women, children and adults. There are even styles intended for babies to wear on special occasions (and with plenty of supervision) such as at a first birthday party. You might wear an anklet for good luck or because it looks great with your new heels. Guys might like an anklet that has meaning, symbolizing strength and unity, or including a pendant or charm that holds personal significance.

What is the significance of a diamond anklet?

Anklets have different meanings in different cultures. To some people, an anklet is a talisman, warding off evil and bringing good luck. In Ancient Egypt, anklets were an indication of social status. Or, an anklet can simply be a pretty piece of jewelry that serves as a fun or flirty accessory. As for the diamond, there are many possible meanings. Diamonds are one of the hardest substances in the world, so they sometimes stand for strength and invincibility. Given how popular diamonds are in wedding jewelry, they may also be seen as romantic.