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Eternity Wedding Bands

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Eternity Diamond Bands Eternity wedding bands are a unique style in which diamonds or other stones wrap all the way around the ring, symbolizing never-ending love. We offer hundreds of these rings, and our variety of stones makes it easy to match with your engagement ring. You can choose from a variety of stone for these eternity wedding bands, including white diamonds, colored diamonds, and gemstones. You can easily make this ring more personal by including your partner’s or your own birthstone. Many rings include a combination of white diamonds and gemstones, so you do not have to settle for just one stone if you do not want to. Colored diamonds are a unique way to get the color of gemstones and the luxury of diamonds in one beautiful package. These stones offer a great way to express yourself through your ring, and to try something unusual without going overboard, as colored diamonds still have the refined look of traditional white diamonds. Yellow and black diamonds are popular choices, but we also offer eye-catching blue diamonds. Any of these eternity wedding bands with colored diamonds is sure to impress. Most of these stones are round or princess cut, both of which are classically elegant shapes. We even offer more unique shapes such as a baguette cut, which features an interesting elongated style like a loaf of fresh French bread. In addition to choosing a stone and shape, you can also pick from many different attractive settings and metals. Prong settings provide a traditional look, and we offer many other unique settings for adventurous customers. Channel settings are a beautiful choice, with the stones set back into a visible metal channel. This is a great way to show off both the stones and your choice of metal, perhaps to complement your engagement ring. Bar settings include a bar of metal between each stone, while Bezel settings encircle each stone. Finally, pave settings offer a unique style, with each stone set like a paving stone. Pave settings include several different motifs, such as hearts. Finally, you can choose from many different metals, including different shades of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. There are a huge variety of eternity wedding bands available at Allurez, so you can almost certainly find a ring that matches your style and expresses your love perfectly.