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Gemstone Buying Guide

Gemstone Buying GuideGemstone Education

The first step in choosing a diamond is to decide between the ten different shapes available. Each of the diamond shapes has different characteristics, but the overall attraction to a certain shape is a matter of personal taste. It is also important to note that shape only identifies the form of the diamond and is a different characteristic than cut. Cut is a grade that refers to a diamond’s light return or sparkle.

Below are the important factors involved in choosing gemstone jewelry

Gemstone Color:

Color is the most defining characteristic of a gemstone. Gemstones (also called precious stones or semi-precious stones) come in many different colors and shades, and Allurez offers a wide selection of high quality and beautiful colored gemstones. When it comes to evaluating a gem’s color, the purity of the hue, the depth of its tone, and its color saturation are the most important characteristics to consider.

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Gem Clarity:

During the crystallization process, small marks called inclusions naturally appear in a gemstone. It is expected for gemstones to have some small inclusions and a gemstone of perfect clarity is very rare and expensive.

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Gemstone Cut:

Cut dramatically affects the appearance of a gemstone. However, unlike for diamonds, there is no geometrical cut grading for gemstones. An expert jeweler will cut a gemstone to retain its maximum weight, exhibit optimal brilliance and color, and expose the least amount of inclusions.

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Gemstone Size:

Carat is the measurement unit used when weighing diamonds and gemstones. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams or 0.2 grams. It is important to note that carat weight is not the only determining factor when judging a gemstone’s size. The distance in diameter across the top of the gem is also considered.

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Gem Enhancement:

Treating gemstones to enhance their natural beauty is a common practice and nearly all colored gems on the market today, including those carried by Allurez, have had some type of enhancing treatment. Gemstones that have not been treated are extremely rare and expensive. Gem enhancements include any treatment, other than cutting or polishing that improves a gem’s beauty. One of the most common types of enhancement is a heat treatment, which enhances a gem’s color.

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Gemstone Care:

It is important to understand how to clean, store, and wear your gemstone jewelry properly, in order to keep them looking new for longer.

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