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Preset Engagement Rings

Choose from a large collection of certified natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds, moissanites, or colored gemstones.

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Our preset engagement rings boast eight different styles (from antique filigree to the simple elegance of a solitaire), nine center diamond shapes, and nine metal options. We make the preset engagement ring of your dreams a reality. Our ring styles, including antique, halo, pave, side-stone accented, solitaire, three-stone, oval and our latest styles, butterfly, and twisted, are sure to fit your personal style. At Allurez we offer not only the hottest new trends but also timeless classics. We invite you to browse our variety of center diamonds. The center diamond is important, and we've cut no corners in providing the very best for you. With center diamond shapes from round to heart-shaped we can win over both traditionalists and modernists alike. Our preset diamond engagement rings come in a variety of metals to select from. Whether you like platinum, palladium, or gold (we have white, yellow, and rose to select from), we have it! You'll want to figure out what metal your lady likes. Drop some hints or take a look in her jewelry box to see which metal she prefers. Being realistic is important, and sticking to a budget can be difficult when shopping for preset diamond engagement rings. We keep this in mind and provide engagement rings for all budgets. We also offer many flexible payment options, price-matching, layaway (with no interest and no credit check), and diamond upgrades. Payment should be easy, and we want to make it easy for you. We want to provide everyone with the opportunity to purchase their preset engagement ring online. Price matching ensures you get the best diamond at the best price. Our match guarantee program allows you to compare one of our diamonds to an equivalent diamond of a competitor. The two diamonds must be of the same cut, color, clarity, and carat weight to qualify for our match guarantee program. Simply send us a link to the competitor's website, then we can determine if the two are comparable and check each diamond's grade. Once the two diamonds are graded and compared we will contact you. Our simple three-step design process provides many setting, diamond, and pricing options. Take control of your design and create a preset engagement ring you'll be proud to wear for years and years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Preset Engagement Ring?

A preset engagement ring is one that is finished when you order it. The ring you choose is selected from a premade inventory and only has minor alterations, such as sizing or engraving. Benefits to purchasing a preset engagement ring include potential cost savings and faster delivery time (because the stone doesn't have to be cut or set).

Can I Customize a Preset Engagement Ring?

Yes, you can still customize some elements of a preset engagement ring. You're simply limited by the options the ring is preset in. Some customizations available include the type of metal you want for your ring, the style of setting, and the shape of the gemstone or diamond.

Which Preset Engagement Ring Options Are Available?

At Allurez, you can choose from a wide range of preset engagement rings. Style options include antique, butterfly, halo, nature, pave, sidestone accented, solitaire, three stone or twisted. You can select from a wide range of center stone shapes, including round, princess, pear, heart, oval, marquise, emerald, asscher and cushion. You can also select from numerous metal types, including favorites such as yellow gold, white gold and platinum.

How Do You Buy an Engagement Ring?

Buying an engagement ring is not typically a simple matter. You want the ring to match the person's style and preferences, be a symbol of your long-term commitment and fall within your budget. Start with how much you can afford. Then, choose stone types before selecting a setting that shows off the stone well. Continue customizing your option to make it a perfect representation of your love.

Find out more about how to buy an engagement ring in our buying guide.

How Much Are Engagement Rings?

The cost of engagement rings ranges widely. Factors that impact cost include:

  • The type of metal
  • The type of stone
  • The size of the stone
  • The quality of the stone
  • Whether accent stones are used
  • The complexity of the design and setting
The average amount people spend on an engagement ring is around $5,000, but you can spend much less or more than that and still have a meaningful piece of jewelry.

How Long Does It Take to Order an Engagement Ring?

Using the tools at Allurez, you can find and order the engagement ring of your dreams (or your significant other's dreams) in mere minutes. How long it takes for your ring to arrive depends on what you order and how much work is involved in making and customizing the ring. You can check your order status anytime.