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The Allurez Promise

Naturally Mined Stones

Our Gemstones are naturally mined with ZERO lab intervention.


Gemstone Price Guarantee

At Allurez we want to make sure you are getting the very best price on your gemstone purchase. Match Guarantee program makes it easy for you to compare the price of a competitors gemstone with one of our gemstones. The gemstones must be of the same cut, clarity, color, and carat weight.


Ethical Mining

At Allurez we only purchase gemstones from the largest and most reputable suppliers, who like us , proudly support ethical mining.


Find Awesome Loose Gemstones

Looking for the best loose gemstones for your custom jewelry? If so, welcome to the Internet’s Favorite Jeweler for awesome gemstones and custom jewelry. Our easy-to-use search platform is the perfect place to find your favorite gems to create the perfect custom jewelry.

Search our collection for round blue sapphires, oval emeralds, pear shaped rubies, aquamarines, or any other semi-precious or precious gemstone.

Whether you want to gift a special person or add to your jewelry collection, our team will guide you to find awesome loose gemstones. The first thing to consider is the size/weight of the gem. Carat is the unit used to measure gemstones. Gemstones differ in density and hence size will matter a lot in determining the price. Our jewelry experts will help you find the best carat size gem to suit your jewelry needs and budget.

When buying gemstones, color is also a crucial factor. Gems vary widely in terms of color due to their composition. Color grade varies from colorless to those with distinct color such as green, yellow, brown among others. Colorless stones are rare and expensive. It is important to find a balance between color and price to find the perfect gemstones for your jewelry. Colorless gemstones are magnificent but expensive while colored stones embellish your jewelry and give it a more distinctive look.

The stone's clarity is another important factor. This refers to presence or absence of inclusions/flaws which are small marks formed during the natural process of crystallization. Gemstones are natural and will always have inclusions. However, you can find a great gemstone with few flaws not visible to the naked eye. The fewer the visible flaws, the better the overall appearance of the gemstone.

Balancing the four factors will ensure you find the perfect stone for your jewelry but it is not easy. To get started, set a budget and have an idea of the qualities you need in your jewelry in order to find the best gemstones.

At, we appreciate how difficult it is to find authentic gemstones on the market. This is why we work closely with our customers to ensure they find loose gemstones for your custom jewelry.