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Gemstone Engagement Ring

Choose from a large collection of certified natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds, moissanites, or colored gemstones.

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When preparing to pop the question, look to Allurez for hundreds of preset gemstone engagement rings. A colorful alternative to traditional diamond settings, gemstone engagement rings are trendy and vivid. They are available in many different settings, from bold double halos to subdued and contemporary tension solitaires. All of these styles will make for a memorable proposal and an ideal expression of your love. Many of these styles include both diamonds and other jewels, so you will not have to settle for just one. This also allows you to personalize your ring with a birthstone or favorite gem while still having the traditional luxury of diamonds. Additionally, black and champagne diamonds are a great compromise between diamonds and gems. A large variety of shapes are available for the center stones of these gemstone engagement rings. From standard round and princess cuts to more adventurous pear and cushion cuts, you can easily find a cut that suits your partner’s style. These center jewels are often surrounded by diamonds, in shapes such as halos, butterflies, and twisted accents. Solitaires are a great way to show off a single jewel, and they come in many different setting styles, such as the unique tension setting, which uses spring loading to secure the center stone in place. These jewels appear to float in mid-air, making them visually intriguing. While tension solitaires are highly contemporary, antique and vintage settings give a solitaire a timeless feel. These settings feature intricate engravings and filigree, and they are ideal for a woman who appreciates traditional styles and modern construction. Antique and vintage settings are also available with multiple jewels. These are only a few of the settings and styles available for gemstone engagement rings from Allurez. Additionally, we offer several different metals, including all colors of gold, palladium, and platinum. Rose, yellow, two-tone, and white gold pieces are all available, in either 18K or 14K. You can choose a metal based on personal preference, price range, or perhaps based on your ideal wedding bands. Regardless of the options you choose, you are sure to find the perfect piece of jewelry to propose with.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Preset Engagement Ring?

A preset engagement ring is one that is finished when you order it. The ring you choose is selected from a premade inventory and only has minor alterations, such as sizing or engraving. Benefits to purchasing a preset engagement ring include potential cost savings and faster delivery time (because the stone doesn't have to be cut or set).

Can I Customize a Preset Engagement Ring?

Yes, you can still customize some elements of a preset engagement ring. You're simply limited by the options the ring is preset in. Some customizations available include the type of metal you want for your ring, the style of setting, and the shape of the gemstone or diamond.

Which Preset Engagement Ring Options Are Available?

At Allurez, you can choose from a wide range of preset engagement rings. Style options include antique, butterfly, halo, nature, pave, sidestone accented, solitaire, three stone or twisted. You can select from a wide range of center stone shapes, including round, princess, pear, heart, oval, marquise, emerald, asscher and cushion. You can also select from numerous metal types, including favorites such as yellow gold, white gold and platinum.

How Do You Buy an Engagement Ring?

Buying an engagement ring is not typically a simple matter. You want the ring to match the person's style and preferences, be a symbol of your long-term commitment and fall within your budget. Start with how much you can afford. Then, choose stone types before selecting a setting that shows off the stone well. Continue customizing your option to make it a perfect representation of your love.

Find out more about how to buy an engagement ring in our buying guide.

How Much Are Engagement Rings?

The cost of engagement rings ranges widely. Factors that impact cost include:

  • The type of metal
  • The type of stone
  • The size of the stone
  • The quality of the stone
  • Whether accent stones are used
  • The complexity of the design and setting
The average amount people spend on an engagement ring is around $5,000, but you can spend much less or more than that and still have a meaningful piece of jewelry.

How Long Does It Take to Order an Engagement Ring?

Using the tools at Allurez, you can find and order the engagement ring of your dreams (or your significant other's dreams) in mere minutes. How long it takes for your ring to arrive depends on what you order and how much work is involved in making and customizing the ring. You can check your order status anytime.